Feedback to FastSqlServer Consulting from the CEO of Improvement Direct Inc.

We usually hate consultants and do everything in house. But, our web pages were taking much too long to display. SQL Server 2000 was running at steady 80-100% CPU levels during all the daily busy periods of our e-commerce web sites. We had just invested in more gigabytes of RAM. We made tweaks to the web site application software. We tried SQL Server Index Tuning Wizard. All those changes still didn't make our web site fast enough. We needed a fundamental improvement fast. I decided to give FastSqlServer Consulting a shot at fixing our performance bottlenecks. After Chris Dickey at FastSqlServer analyzed and adjusted the system, our technical staff and customers saw faster web pages right away! SQL Server CPU usage ended up averaging only 25%. Problem solved!

Christian Friedland
CEO, Improvement Direct Inc.