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Find out how FastSqlServer Consulting helped the Poway SQL DBA team achieve the SQL Server performance goals for the Phoenix system and other information processing systems at First American CREDCO.
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Excerpt from the CREDCO monthly IT newsletter

Performance, Performance, Performance – the Phoenix system continues to improve!

Anyone that has ever performance tuned a system knows one thing – it’s like herding cats. Just as you nail one problem, you expose the next one that it was covering up. This makes the CreditNet’s team accomplishments that much greater.

The Phoenix system started the year processing three bureau credit reports in an average of 19.11 seconds, a far cry from the sub-10-second desire of the FAMS business unit. Recognizing this, the team set forth a plan of architecture initiatives designed to improve processing time. Through a series of releases and enhancements, they pressed the average processing down to 11.97 seconds in June, a significant improvement but still not to the desired state.

At this point, the CNC team increased the collaboration with the Poway SQL DBA team and engaged a SQL consultant. Building and adopting the changes recommended by this extended team finally enabled us to hit the mark. The September processing time was 6.98 seconds! With a few changes yet to be implemented, the system is performing well within the target range. Great work!